Who is Tim Ringgold?

Tim Ringgold is a board certified music therapist, author of Sonic Recovery: Harness The Power of Music to Stay S.O.B.E.R., and award winning international speaker, having shared the stage with some of the top minds in music, the brain, and human optimization, including Dave Asprey and Tony Robbins. Tim was also the first person to give a TEDx talk on music therapy in 2012. Tim’s company treats thousands of teens and adults per year, helping them through some of life’s toughest chapters, whether it’s addiction, grief, trauma, stress, or pain. Tim has survived over 20 concussions, and is passionate about healing the brain and body after concussion #12 left him hospitalized in 2016. He has interviewed countless experts on the topic for his various podcasts and summits and has personally utilized dozens of modalities to heal himself.

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Your Life… Optimized

Tim teaches audiences the easiest ways to achieve optimum performance in work and life.

Speaking topics



In this music-filled, interactive keynote, your audience will sing along, shake along, and relax to live music as well as learn 3 ways they can reach for music on a daily basis to decrease their stress. Regardless of who is in your audience, the healthier they are, the more successful they have a chance at being their best selves at work and at home.



Imagine sitting at your local coffee shop and the singer on stage drops a TED talk on you without you even realizing it. In this musical “keynote concert,” you and your team will be introduced to a simple, easy to follow formula to handle change in a powerful and creative way. In this “Keynote Concert,” Tim plays his way through a simple and easy to implement formula for overcoming adversity and change in a ‘cafe style’ delivery. Your audience will be inspired, entertained, and educated all at the same time.



The time of going to a doctor’s office to find out any measure of our health is long gone. This empowering, educational talk outlines SIX easy to implement practices anyone can begin TODAY to take ownership of their health… without having to implant a computer chip or edit their genes! Tim has been biohacking personally and professionally since 2008.



In Tim’s journey through brain injury and recovery from over 20 concussions, he has researched what are the easiest ways for anyone to care for their brain. He has interviewed countless experts, and personally utilized dozens of different modalities and synthesizes this knowledge into a fun, interactive talk.



Human lifespan has doubled since 1900, and with it a sense that it’s not just about adding years to our life, it’s about adding life to our years. Tim shares a simple 4 part framework for human longevity that will allow your audience to maximize both the quantity of their years, and the quality as well.

Praise for Tim

Tim has the ability to speak from the heart even in front of our national sales force. He connects with the crowd instantly, and weaves inspiration and motivation through his master storytelling and ability to get EVERYONE to participate.

– James Wetrich, President, U.S. Wound
Care Division, Molnlycke Healthcare

Working with Tim is an absolute treat. His unique blend of humor, passion and science-based credibility invokes such an emotional response within the audience, one cannot truly appreciate his essence until seeing Tim in action in person.

– Nikkisa Abdollahi, Curator & Organizer, TEDxYouth@BommerCanyon

I work with some of the very best speakers, top book authors,and entrepreneurs in the world. There are very few people I have ever seen that can hold people’s attention better and inspire others more than Tim Ringgold.

– Joe Polish, Founder, Genius Network Mastermind Group and Piranha Marketing

Tim’s ability to connect with participants of all ages – 4 to 64 – was amazing. His thorough knowledge of his subject matter was awe-inspiring and the participants at our meetings gave Tim rave reviews.

-Christa Dardaganian, former Director of Educational Strategy, National Hemophilia Foundation

I was beaming from ear to ear watching him move our tribe into one cohesive rhythm and voice within a matter of a few short minutes. Tim’s message about how to get back into the rhythm of work was so well received.

-Giovanni Marisco, Founder, Archangel

What a gem! Tim is passionate about wellness and recovery and is vulnerable and transparent with his audience. Two years later, we still hear from conference attendees the ways Tim positively impacted their lives.

-Pam Reed Presnall, Director of Development and Community Education, Mental Health Association of Orange County

I cannot say enough how refreshing Tim is! He is extremely easy to work with, and I can’t put into words the energy Tim brings to the room. He engages the audience directly through a variety of senses.

-Kim Fuller, CMP, Event Manager, Newport Academy

Tim was powerful and motivating, and his efforts to connect with our audience showed in the overwhelmingly positive response. As a conference planner for over eight years, I can honestly say Tim’s presentation has been one of our best received

-Lori Gooding, Ph.D., MT-BC, Conference Chair, SER-AMTA Annual Conference