Speaking Topic


Keynotes are ALWAYS tailored to the audience for maximum resonance. Using music reinforces recall for listeners, essentially storing the content in two areas of the brain. This ensures that your audience is more likely to remember the key take-a-ways anchored in the talk!

Music Therapy To Reduce stress

Reach for Music: How to Neutralize Stress to Increase Creativity and Engagement

The Problem:


The chronic nature of modern stress at home and at work affects more than just health and happiness. When you are stressed, you misinterpret the outside world as hostile, even when it is neutral. You see hostility in people’s faces, tones of voice,and even texts or emails. In other words, you’re the one that starts the fight without even realizing it. Creativity, focus, and interpersonal connection all become sacrificed to reactivity and getting out of danger. FAST.


The Solution: 


In this interactive and very musical workshop, your team will be led through several music-based experiences that will unlock their creativity, focus, and connection witheach other. Your team will also learn and experience how to use music toimmediately turn off stress when it strikes so that they can accomplish their important

work on a daily basis without getting distracted or distraught by interruptions or emergencies.

Navigating Change

V.E.R.O.: A 4-Step Formula for Navigating Change

The Problem: 


“Houston… we have a problem.” When things change, we often think something’s gone wrong, and humans act predictably. They go into ‘fight or flight’ instead of adapt mode. They tell stories about why things are the way they are based on assumptions, interpretations, and projections. They often talk themselves out of the solution before they even give it a try. This happens at work and at home, and each has the potential to influence the other in negative ways. Fundamentally, humans underestimate their own potential and capacity to adapt to change.


The Solution: 


Imagine sitting at your local coffee shop and the singer on stage drops a TED talk on you without you even realizing it. In this musical “keynote concert,” you and your team will be introduced to a simple, easy to follow formula to handle change in a powerful and creative way. In this “Keynote Concert,” Tim plays his way through a simple and easy to implement formula for overcoming adversity and change in a ‘cafe style’ delivery. Your audience will be inspired, entertained, and educated all at the same time.

Biohacking 101

Biohacking 101: Become The CEO Of Your Health

The Problem:


In our modern world, 3 out of 5 American adults are currently taking prescription medication. Unfortunately, every year it is easily estimated that over 100,000 deaths occur in the United States alone from taking prescription drugs as prescribed. With life expectancy more than doubling in the last 100 years, Americans are living longer than ever, and with each passing year, our risk of “dying by drug”

increases as more and more pharmaceutical drugs enter the market. With such lifespan increases, the better measure of our quality of life is our healthspan. The person with their health has a thousand wishes. The person without has but one.


The Solution:


The time of going to a doctor’s office to find out any measure of our health is long gone. Thanks to research on human biology and breakthroughs in technology, we can become the CEO of our own bodies through the practice of “biohacking.”

Biohacking is simply the process of measuring and manipulating the human body for human healthspan optimization. Basically, we practice preventative medicine through research done by others, and we utilize modern technology to easily track, monitor, and thereby improve ourselves on mechanical, chemical, and energetic levels. This

empowering, educational talk outlines SIX easy to implement practices in the first category anyone can begin TODAY to take back ownership of their health.

Brain Optimization

Top Gear: How to Optimize Your Brain for Life

The Problem:


As Dr. Daniel Amen likes to say, “The brain is involved in everything you do.” The challenge with that is that in our modern world, our brain is being taxed to work longer and faster than ever. There is a fundamental mismatch between the amount of stimulation our senses receive per day and our ability to manage that information. In addition, factors like sedentary lifestyle, exposure to environmental toxins in the air, water, and food, and the sheer doubling of lifespan over the past century has caused increases in physical and mental health issues never before seen. The demands we place on our brains in our produce-and-profit at-all-costs culture are too much for the brain and body.

The Solution:


Luckily, thanks to new research and technology, it’s never been easier to care for your brain. This has created an unprecedented opportunity for each one of us to take easy steps to increase our quality of life at whatever level we want. In Tim’s journey through brain injury and recovery from over 20 concussions, he has researched what are the easiest ways for anyone to care for their brain. He has interviewed countless experts, and personally utilized dozens of different modalities and synthesizes this knowledge base into a fun, interactive talk. Your audience will leave the talk empowered and inspired to become the CEO of their brain health.


Longevity, Meet Healthspan: How to Add Years to Your Life… & Life to Your Years

The Problem:
In the United States, lifespan has doubled since 1900. However, in the land of abundance, there is a shortage. The supply of doctors specializing in our aging population is one sixth the demand. In addition, the term “ageism” describes both the institutional bias against providing aging patients adequate care, and the societal bias of lack of utility once retired. Like it or not, as we age, our society does not prioritize our healthspan, which is not the quantity of years we have left, but the quality of those years.
The Solution: 
The time of waiting months to visit the doctor’s office to find out any measure of our health is long gone. Thanks to research on human biology and breakthroughs in technology, we can not only add years to our life, but life to our years. Tim shares a 4 part framework that anyone can follow based on exhaustive, cross-cultural research. This empowering, educational talk outlines 7 easy to implement practices anyone can begin TODAY to take back ownership of their health in the areas of their biology, psychology, sociology, and spirituality.