Podcast Review: Make More Music

By Katie Cox, MT-BC

Hi y’all! I’m Katie, and I work for Tim. Let me tell you about the Make More Music podcast created by fellow board-certified music therapist, Chris Millett from Louisville, KY. The podcast launched recently, in January 2020, with a total of six episodes to date. Chris interviews guests who have special niches within the music industry, highlighting his mantra: “It’s not just starving artist to rockstar.” Topics so far have ranged from clinical to technical, providing a nugget of insight for music lovers alike.

Make More Music is like the podcast equivalent of VH1’s “Behind the Music” and Bravo’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio” in that it highlights the personal journeys of the guests and how their initial curiosities, preferences, and side-projects turned into a passion-based career path within the music industry. Chris describes MMM as “the podcast that connects people to music and one another,” but it does so much more. Interviews are based upon those connections: how an interest in a genre of music can connect to creating the tone that defines it, how the structure of the very products we use connect to the sound we love, how our missteps in music lessons and exposures to different experiences directly connect to us to creating something we have a passion for. 

Chris interviews his guests, beginning with their “first musical memories,” which invites listeners and musicians to reflect upon their own journeys and find inspiration to put their projects out there. Make More Music is sure to continue touching upon unique stories within all the musical communities: music therapy, music education, performance, music media and technology, and so much more. Check it out to stay up to date on new trends in the music world!

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