Ep 65: NEW TRACK: “Partners”

When you think of partners, what comes to mind? This new track is a tribute to the amazing partner of mine who just had a special birthday. Angelique is not just my life partner, she’s my business partner as well. I know not all couples would dare to work and live together (and we work from home so there’s NO ESCAPE LOL). Having said that, we really do life quite well together. Ask our kids how many times they’ve heard us raise our voices at each other, and they’ll probably admit they’ve never heard it happen.

I know that early on in our relationship, one of the things that attracted me to Angelique was envisioning life along side her as partners. Her steady, laid back focus, coupled with a razor sharp sense of humor was something I wanted beside me. I, too, like to laugh at life. However, I’m a bit more, well, “all over the place” when it comes to my emotions and my focus. I bring the spice, she brings the steady. It’s a great fit !

A Duet

Musically, this track is very much created with two specific partnerships. First, the main rhythm track is elevated into a new level of dreaminess when its partner arrives to harmonize with it. Second, even though there technically is a melody, this song is more a duet, which is how I think of the life we’re creating. When you hear the melody’s partner enter, they both sound better together than apart.

That’s me… I’m a better man because of Angelique’s mere presence. She doesn’t have to tell me to do anything. Just being around her makes me want to. So, join me in wishing my amazing partner a very happy birthday!

PS she has a pretty awesome blog about sustainable shopping and fashion which you should check out HERE!

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