Ep 70 : NEW TRACK: “First Day Forward”

This past week was the first week back in school for both of my kids. I know in our culture we use the phrase “Back to school”, and in some ways it’s accurate, but in some ways, it’s not… ESPECIALLY this year. For my sophomore, there was not a single day in her freshman year where all the students were on campus at the same time due to COVID, so her first days “back” this year look NOTHING like last year… and since she didn’t have a freshman orientation last year since NO ONE was on campus at the start… this year’s freshmen know more about the campus than she does. 

Backward or Forward?

It got me thinking that this past Wednesday was really a first day FORWARD for her, more so than a first day back. Then it got me thinking some more… what if everyday as an adult holds the possibility of being a first day forward? That was interesting, but a little intimidating, but I realized that if I ever want to land on different shores and experience new things, not just a rinse and repeat of yesterday, I’m going to have to chart new courses and move in new directions… which immediately brings up the idea of THE UNKNOWN…. Now what I’ve learned is some people are innately more comfortable with the unknown than others, but I’ve also learned that that comfort can be developed. It’s not fixed. So in this track, there’s a mixture of the unknown and the known… tension and resolution… uncertainty and certainty. There is also an overwhelming sense of peace throughout the track, because for me, this life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and if there’s ONE THING I want to KNOW I can find throughout the journey, it’s peace.

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