Ep 73: Think Unbroken w/ Michael Unbroken

To think unbroken. This week we’re going to hear from an extraordinary man.  I had the good fortune to meet him at my one and only live business conference I attended in 2021. His name is Michael Unbroken. Michael’s personal story is a testament to the resilience of the human being.

It’s not that we want to get competitive with our suffering or struggles… you’ve heard it before… just after you express something you’re going through, someone immediately counters with “You think THAT’S bad, dot dot dot, yada, yada yada.” Then they go one to try to one up you on your own challenges! Great. Thanks. Having said that, there IS this thing called perspective. We CAN use perspective to put our challenges into some sort of framework of understanding. Let’s face it, some things simply ARE more challenging than others. When we hear another person’s story when NOT presented as a counterpunch, we CAN take inspiration in that story. The inspiration goes something like THIS, “If blank got through blank, maybe I can get through THIS.” In addition to having an inspiring story, Michael’s going to give you two key frameworks to help you through any stressful situation you’re facing. 

Learn more about Michael at https://www.thinkunbroken.com/

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