Ep 77 – Healing Trauma w/ Sukie Baxter

Today you’re going to hear a presentation from my Reduce Your Stress Summit. It’s from a phenomenal woman named Sukie Baxter on the nature of healing trauma. I’ve been on a learning journey about trauma since about 2016 and what I can say is it’s A LOT more nuanced and complex than what we think on the surface. I’ve had a few, key moments of learning about healing trauma along my professional clinical journey. The framework that Sukie presents is one of them. It transformed how I saw trauma as something that affects the body, not the mind. I wrote a separate blog post detailing four books that have helped me, and this framework is from one of them.

I’m really excited for you to hear from Sukie; she’s an amazing presence and resource. Make sure to check out her youtube videos as well because they are really well done and worth checking out.  https://www.youtube.com/c/SukieBaxter

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