Reach for Music to Reduce Stress FAST!

Your students’ or employees’ health and wellbeing is as much of a factor in their performance as their training and or academic skillset. Mental illness and substance abuse combined accounted for the leading cause of disease burden in the US since 2015, and rates of each are increasing annually, and chronic stress is the number one culprit.

In this music-filled, interactive keynote, your audience will sing along, shake along, and relax to live music as well as learn 3 ways they can reach for music on a daily basis to decrease their stress. A healthier student drops out less, and a healthier workforce leads to a more profitable bottom line, and a more exciting and energized environment.

overcome adversity

V.E.R.O: The 4 Step Formula to Overcome Anything

All of us underestimate our own potential, particularly when it comes to resilience. In today’s stress-filled world, resilience is an attribute that all students and employees have to exhibit if they want to stay healthy and productive. The rate and pace of change in technology, operations, and culture are unprecedented, leading many to overwhelm and burnout.

In this “Keynote Concert,” Tim plays his way through a simple and easy to implement formula for overcoming adversity in a ‘cafe style’ delivery. Your audience will be inspired, entertained, and educated all at the same time as Tim shares 5 songs including a finale that will have everyone on their feet singing along – GUARANTEED.