Podcast Review: Recovery Revolution

Recovery Revolution is a podcast by a life coach in long term recovery named Omar Pinto. The podcast began as the SHAIR Podcast, and has been rebranded. Omar is several hundred interviews into this podcast, so there is a wealth of inspiring interviews and stories to be found in the archives.  His interviewees are all people in recovery who have overcome tremendous circumstances and now try to be a light to others.

Every Tuesday, Omar releases another interview, and what I like about Omar is that he and I both share a love of personal development, and this comes through in his interviews.  Sometimes personal development and 12-step are seen as antagonistic, but Omar sees room for both in the path of growth and recovery. He’s passionate about the fact that no matter how far down the rabbit hole you’ve gone … in anything … you still have the ability to make a decision.  This can seem upsetting to some, but empowering to others. Recovery is a tricky thing. If it wasn’t, everyone would recover without challenge.  

Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes, and in listening to Recovery Revolution, I am reminded of my ‘humanness.’  I realize that despite the things that have snagged me over the years, things could have been so much worse… and still could be if I don’t live a conscious lifestyle that puts my health and wellbeing first and foremost.  

Check it out!

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