Beat Drums: Beat Cravings

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I historically eat and drink more unhealthy things than practically the rest of the year combined.  My wife says it begins with Halloween candy and doesn’t end till January LOL. It just seems like the access to unhealthy things increases this time of year.  It’s just around. Who am I kidding? It’s EVERYWHERE. The office break room. The nurses’ station. The front of the grocery store near the checkout aisles. 

In addition, I’ve noticed is that there’s actually a lot of stress this time of year.  Stress is what triggers cravings as an attempt to self soothe. Now we have a supply AND demand problem! It’s a recipe for reaching for things you might regret in January… or sooner! It’s a key time of year to reach for music before you reach for that drink or that food, or worse.  

This is a great time for your power playlist, or a Christmas playlist!  Feeling tempted or stressed? Reach for your music, or your instrument, and listen to 3 songs that light you up like your Christmas tree. But get those hands busy.  When you listen along, drum to the beat, whether it’s on your thighs as you go for a walk, on your steering wheel while you drive, or on a drum you own, when you get your hands busy to the music, the stress relieving properties of music kick into gear.  Plus, I don’t know about you, but I can’t eat food and play my guitar or drums simultaneously LOL.

So get your hands busy to the music and watch those cravings melt!

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