Online Music Resources During Isolation

We are all stressed right now! Who knows how long the shutdown and isolation will continue?! During any challenging time, reaching for music can be a powerful way to turn off your stress response fast. I’ve been playing my guitar every night and streaming it on Facebook live. I even gave a neighborhood concert out in the street the other night. Everyone just sat on their lawn and watched a very safe distance. My point is, now is a great time to explore your musical creativity. So, my team and I put together this list of resources.

Music Lessons

  • Fender is offering 3 months of free guitar lessons. A friend of mine is doing this with her whole family right now. 
  • Yousician is a great app that gamifies learning to play an instrument. You can test it out with a 7-day free trial. It includes several instruments. I learned how to play more chords on the piano in a month vs. 4 years of studying classical piano in school. 
  • Skillshare is an online platform that gives you access to all kinds of educational info. My daughter has used it to take painting and drawing classes. You can access their catalog of music classes HERE
  • Piano Nanny teaches kids the piano for free online.
  • School of Rock offers remote lessons. My daughter attended their summer camp a couple of times. It’s really impressive how they can organize kids into a performing band in under a week. 

Streaming Concerts

  • Billboard has released a list of streaming live music. Check it out to find your favorite artist or type of music. 
  • NPR has also created a list of virtual concerts to watch during the coronavirus shutdown. 

Relaxation Music

  • Because you’ve signed up with me you still have access to the free Relaxation Vacation music, plus other helpful resources. In case you’ve lost that link, here it is again. You can also try one of these virtual instruments or relaxation apps
  • My friend Ryan Judd has a large library of relaxation music. 

I’m sure there is so much more I could list. Feel free to drop a comment and share what you’ve found helpful. 

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