April Podcast Review: The Model Health Show

April Podcast Review: The Model Health Show by Shawn Stevenson

By Angelique Ringgold

For this month’s podcast review, I chose to share with you a health podcast called The Model Health Show by Shawn Stevenson. Shawn is a nutrition and fitness expert and author. On his show, he interviews experts conducting the latest health research. What I love about this podcast is that he really covers health topics on the cutting edge of the latest research, but without the “woo” factor that sometimes accompanies such topics. Shawn is an advocate for everyone’s health and wellness and his experts talk about topics such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, brain health, play, relationships and more. 

One of my favorite episodes is when he interviews Dr. Kelly McGonigal. You may remember her Ted Talk that I shared with you a while back. It was about how stress might actually be good for us. What?? She definitely has a unique perspective on the topic. In TMHS Episode #393 The Extraordinary Link Between Exercise, Joy, And Human Connection, Shawn interviews Dr. McGonigal about her latest work researching the benefits of exercise. We all know that exercise is good for our bodies. But, have you stopped to consider how it affects our mood and our relationships. The biggest take-away for me….exercise is about so much more than weight loss! If you struggle with keeping up a regular exercise routine, this will definitely provide some new food for thought on the matter. 

In one of his latest episodes – TMHS 405: Global Pandemic, The Human Virome, & Thriving During Chaos Shawn dives into COVID-19 and talks about the importance of a healthy immune system and how to achieve it. As with all his episodes, Shawn goes beyond the basic facts and news we’ve all seen about the virus. He dives deep into the nocebo effect, humoral immunity, cytokines and more.

If you’re a super health nerd like me, you’ll love every episode. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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