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In last weeks’ blog post, I shared a COVID reading list and got a really great response. So, this week, the team and I thought we would share a different type of list. This time, it’s an Instrument “PLAY” list.

What does this mean?

Well, some folks are using their downtime during quarantine to learn a new instrument. You’ve heard me talk about the importance of making music vs. listening. So, this “PLAY” list is a collection of 3 videos that give you some basic instruction on playing 3 different instruments. So, it’s not a listening playlist…it’s a PLAYing playlist. 


The first video lesson is from my colleague and mentor, Christine Stevens of UpBeat Drum Circles. It’s Three Keys of Drumming for Healing. Drumming on a basic frame drum is a great way to play an instrument with very little training or experience. If you can bounce a ball, you can drum!

You can get an inexpensive frame drum HERE.

Native American Flute

The second video is from my colleague and friend Kalani Das. He shares a simple lesson on how to get started playing the Native American flute

You can get a Native American flute HERE.


The third video lesson is from yours truly! This is part of a mini-course I created called: Becoming a Musician in a Day – 7 Secrets to Your Success. It’s all the hacks I picked up from music school about how to make music quickly. Today I am sharing Secret #7 – The Black Keys. This is all about how to make great-sounding music fast on the piano. 

You can get a good keyboard, including a stand HERE.

I hope you enjoy these videos. Let me know what else other content would be useful to you right now. 

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