Podcast Review: The Positive Psychology of Pop Music

In the “Positive Psychology of Pop Music” podcast, host Wesley Ryan interviews various artists about the positive messages in their favorite songs. Interviews include artists such as Paula Cole (remember “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?”), Michelle Branch, Olivian Newton John, and more. 

Ryan also teaches a college course on the Positive Psychology of Pop Music. He believes that music is the best way to show who you are to other people. He mixes interviews with music samples and discussion about how pop music reflects our current culture. He often comments on societal issues and then plays a piece of music that reflects his thoughts on the matter. 

He also shares about his own personal struggles with alcohol and coming out…and how music helped him through some of the toughest times of his life. 

Like me, he’s a believer in prescribing your own music for healing. He also teaches about how to find power in your own personal mixtape. I often call it your “Power Playlist.”

This podcast has interesting interviews and deep conversation about the power of music. 

Check it out!

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