Podcast Review: “The Not So Perfect Plan” by Kim Vargas

The Not So Perfect Plan is the brainchild of one extraordinary woman named Kim Vargas. Kim is a mom and wife to one of my coaches, named Pete Vargas. The two of them have been on what can only be described as one hell of a roller coaster ride, not only as parents but as business owners. This spring, Pete and Kim pulled back the curtains on their personal life and shared their journey to parenthood, and let me just say, WOW. Just when you think you’re the only couple you know who’s endured real hardship with growing your family… you GOTTA listen to episode 1 and hear their story. It’s so inspirational, because we all make plans, and then life makes other ones! The question is, when do we stick with it, and when roll with it? 

Each week, Kim interviews an amazing human on her podcast; someone who’s been through some tremendous adversity, and somehow turned it around. When I use the word ‘thoughtful’ to describe Kim and her questions, I don’t mean it like, “Awww that was thoughtful of you…” I mean it like, “Wow, that was deep!” With each interview, she mines the person’s experience for what nuggets we can all learn from, and I’ve just been blown away by how deep, personal, and intimate the conversations have been. She creates an insanely gentle and safe space for people to open up into. If intimacy means “into me see,” then Kim sets the stage so you can see into her guests, warts and all.

I’m honored to be one of her guests, and that the episode was released last Thursday. We go deep into my addiction, so if you or someone you know or love struggles with addiction or breaking a habit, I humbly suggest you give a listen, or point them to the episode. I don’t hold anything back, because I really want people to understand addiction from a new lens since we are under a TSUNAMI of trauma and stress in our culture RIGHT NOW. 

Adversity can pay any of us a visit on any day of the week, and I find that I grow through witnessing others as they transform their adversity into something bigger. These conversations on “The Not So Perfect Plan” will remind you that 1) you are not alone 2) others have overcome, too. You got this.

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