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Got Stress?

All you have to do is review the current memes circulating on social media, and you can tell that the world is under a lot of stress right now! Whether it is the pandemic, social, societal, financial, or political issues, there’s a lot to be stressed about right now. For this week’s blog post, I decided to put together a list of resources that you can check out right now that can help you learn about the impact of stress and begin to deal with it in a healthy way.


The Doctor’s Farmacy PodcastHow to Stop Stress From Controlling Your Life

While stress is an inevitable part of life, how we respond to stressors has an important impact on our health and behavior. The host, Dr. Hyman, interviews experts about the impact that stress has and how we can start to reduce, prevent and eliminate that stress. 

Reduce Your Stress with Tim Ringgold

As you know I recently launched a podcast that is made up of relaxation music. I created it specifically for healthcare professionals but anyone who is dealing with significant work stress will find benefit from this type of relaxation. I made this quick video that explains the origin of the podcast. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts

Mind Over Stress Dealing With Anxiety Producing Social Media Posts

We all do it. We scroll through our socials looking for…..what exactly? News, we tell ourselves. I recently heard of a new hashtag #doomscrolling. That seems to sum it up. We don’t want to miss out on the latest (bad) news. In this episode, host Stephen W. Carter explains how social media can be so toxic for your emotional wellbeing. 

Stress Relief Apps

These are some of my favorite relaxation apps. Click below to see a demo video that I created for each one:


Zen Sands

Insight Timer

Relax Melodies

If you’re looking for more ways to learn how to control and eliminate stress, you can check the Stress Elimination Summit I will be hosting July 13-16. We’ll have 16 experts share their best tips and techniques for how to control stress so you can live a life of health and purpose. 

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  1. Stephanie Alberts says:

    Thank you for this caring information.
    I watched you on the r20 Monday meeting, last year also!!!!
    Such a great presentation and connection!

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