Nutrition For Your Ears

Vitamin M

It’s time for a little “Vitamin M”!

I’m talking about music, of course. It’s important to pay attention to what you put in your ears, as well as in your mouth, in my opinion. In this blog post, I’m sharing a couple of resources that will help you get your daily allowance of Vitamin M. 

Healing at the Speed of Sound

The book “Healing at the Speed of Sound: How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our Lives” by Don Campbell and Alex Doman, does a deep dive into how sound has an impact on our daily lives.

Just pause for a moment. Listen. What do you hear? We don’t think about it much but we’re surrounded by sound all the time. Sometimes that sound is pleasant, like your favorite song, and sometimes it is unpleasant, like the leaf blower next door. 

We all know that music is powerful, but we have to back it up one step to the concept of sound.  Music is organized sound. That organization is pleasing and therapeutic for us. If we then consider that noise is disorganized sound, we need to be aware of its impact on us as well.  Neither are inert. They both exert influence on our minds and bodies, so it’s best to appreciate both with a healthy dose of respect.

Let’s use food as an analogy.  The food you put into your body can have either a positive or negative effect on you.  Sound is the same way. You intuitively already know this, of course. The game of life is often about taking what’s happening subconsciously and bringing conscious awareness – mindfulness – to it.  

So, pay attention to what you put in your ears as much as what you put in your mouth.  This book is the perfect read to elevate that consciousness and give you tons of tips for how to apply mindfulness to the realm of sound.  

Relax Melodies

Another app that can help make your life more relaxed is…Relax Melodies. It’s a wonderful tool to help chill out. This app is a giant relaxing sound and meditation library. There are nature sounds, music, animal sounds, and more.

I did a review and demo of this app which you can find by clicking below and visiting my YouTube channel. 

This app is a GREAT way to get your daily Vitamin M! If you haven’t tried it, go ahead and download on your iOS or Android device. It’s free but there are in-app purchases available to unlock even more sounds. 

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find some ways to commit to getting your Vitamin M and giving your ears the nutrition that they need. Drop me a comment below and let me know what you’re up to!

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  1. Fantastic blog post, Tim! I’m going to get Don Campbell’s book and check it out. Relax Melodies is on of my favorite apps that I use both for my clients and myself. Here’s to Vitamin M!

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