Looking for More Ways to Lower Your Stress?: 5 Podcasts That Can Provide Relief

The other day someone asked me, “What is the difference between stress and anxiety?” It’s a good and fair question. So, before I dive into this list of podcasts, let me answer the question. Anxiety is a condition. It’s a clinical diagnosis of a disorder where someone has a persistent worried or anxious state over a significant period of time. It’s non-specific in its origin with a general sense of unease about future based events. Whereas stress is the result of activating the sympathetic nervous system. So it’s more of environmental response to a situation. It’s not persistent. Meaning, that there is a trigger of the stress response system or this sympathetic nervous system. So a stressor is something that triggers the stress response. We go into fight or flight mode for a period of time, or into a traumatic shutdown. Until that stressor or event has ended, or the situation is relieved. Whether you suffer from occasional or chronic stress, or from anxiety, I think these podcasts all offer tools that can provide relief. 

Stress Free You

In this podcast hosts, Matt & Katy Rush and Rich Taylor examine multiple aspects of stress. Not just how to avoid it or deal with it, but how to avoid causing stress for others. They take a holistic view of stress relief tools. They begin each episode with a little tongue-in-cheek skit. They’re not exactly Oscar-winning performances. But, it sets the tone for what issue they are addressing in that episode.

Anxiety Slayer

This award winning podcast has over 7.5 million downloads. I can see why. The hosts Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer cover a variety of topics, with interviews with experts mixed in with guided meditations. It has a little of everything. You can learn more at www.AnxietySlayer.com

The Stress Less Show

Host Carless Myers is a stress management expert and interviews experts that help us get to the root causes of our stress. Many of the podcast’s episodes deal with work stressors. Which makes sense because that’s a really common source of our stress. She also covers topics like transforming your money mindset, how to have healthier sleep, achieving balance, working through relationship challenges, and more. I think everyone can find something to relate to in this podcast. 

Spark Intention Podcast

The Spark Intention Podcast deals with topics around empowerment, stress, anxiety, mental health, and more. Host Jenna Monaco interviews guests who are musicians, entrepreneurs, authors, empaths, and psychics. She’s got a little something for everyone. Speaking of musicians, if you are looking for more music-related podcasts, check out THIS BLOG POST. So, if you are looking for some diverse stuff, this podcast has a lot of options to provide relief from stress or anxiety.

Reduce Your Stress with Tim Ringgold

So….yes, I have to put in a plug for my own podcast! After doing 40 days straight of playing my original music via Facebook lives, which were titled either “something to comfort you” or “something to uplift you”, I wanted to get the music out in the world for more people to enjoy. But recording an album is a time-consuming process. My wife, Angelique recalled that I listened to the Prototype 202 podcast and suggested I release my music in a podcast format. That’s when the Reduce Your Stress podcast was born. Each week I release an instrumental track of music intended to either comfort or uplift you. It’s great to put on when you need some chill music to help calm your nervous system. I have also started alternating the release of the tracks with interviews of either musicians who also make relaxing music, or others who have expertise in how to reduce stress. 

You can check out the Reduce Your Stress Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

What podcasts are you listening to these days? Drop me a comment and let me know what you’re enjoying.

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