Ep 58: Changing Direction w/ Andre Norman

Changing direction is one of the quintessential human strengths, however it takes more than strength to change. A while back over on the blog, I reviewed a seminal book called “Change Anything,” and in that book, the authors trace the change equation to three main influences: Our thoughts, our relationships, and our surroundings.

In this uplifting interview with Prison Reform Advocate Andre Norman, you’re going to hear an amazing story of changing the direction of one’s life. Moreover, in his inspiring story, you’ll also hear concrete examples of the three influences listed above. Andre doesn’t refer to the framework from the book, therefore you’ll have to be a detective to identify where those influences show up in his story. He was too busy living it!

For instance, if Andre can go from prison yard to Harvard yard, what kind of change can you make? Above all, be inspired by Andre’s story of transformation. He’s an example of the power of changing direction, and that ANY of us can do it. Find out more about Andre HERE.

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