Ep 59: Greatest Hits Pt 1: “Up”

The challenge with releasing one track at a time on this podcast is that you, the listener, only get to hear one track at a time without having to sift through intros and outros on multiple episodes. Well, it’s time for a “Greatest Hits” episode where I pick THREE tracks from the past year and put ’em together so you can finally listen for more than 8 minutes or so.

About 2/3 of my music is downtempo, chill, relaxing stuff, but 1/3 is a little uptempo, or at least starts slow and progresses into an upbeat groove. So this episode, I’ve selected three “Up” songs from the archives: The T Groove Surprise, Awakening, and Eternal Light.

My goal is to re-record and release a full record this year of an HOUR of these gems, so you can eventually build your own playlists of up songs and down songs. This podcast owes its existence to another music podcast called “The Melodic Sessions” by DJ Prototype 202, and on there, I float away to roughly an hour’s worth of dance music at a time. That’s my hope for you.

So, this is like a Baskin Robbins taster spoon of things to come. I hope you enjoy my “greatest hits, Part 1”!

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