Ep 60: Thought Mastery w/ Kate Bee

Mastery, not Control

Now before anyone starts throwing things at me… thought mastery does NOT imply thought perfection or control. It means understanding the nature of why and how you think so that you are not at the effect of your thoughts, but actually the master who decides what thoughts to heed, and what thoughts to ignore… and… what thoughts to consciously think yourself.

In my experience, it seems like a great many of my thoughts arise in and of their own making… like I am a spectator to them, not the author. I am the audience. If that is the case,

1) who am “I” and

2) where do “they” come from?

The way I might answer this may differ from how you might, but here’s what I would say:

1) I am a spiritual being inhabiting a physical body

2) Thoughts come from a construct of that physical body known as ‘the mind.’

So, given this understanding, I am not my mind, I have a mind. I am not my thoughts, I have thoughts. Those thoughts originate in the mind, and I observe them. However, I’ll be honest, I don’t live my life from that understanding. I forget this on a daily basis. Mastering my mindset is a life long journey, and there are several other podcasts that have helped me along the way (I shared a post about 5 of them HERE)

Mindset can be learned

The game really changes when you can realize that you are not your thoughts, and this presentation by The Sober School founder Kate Bee will help you understand this at a deep level, and she’ll show you ways to wrangle that mind of yours and not be wrangled by it!

Kate is an amazing, gentle soul to be with, and super smart and eloquent in her ability to articulate some potentially ‘heady material.’ She has a online coaching program that helps women to quit drinking or take a break from alcohol. It’s a 6 week long class that runs a few times each year and the next one is coming up soon, in July. Head over to  https://thesoberschool.com/course and you can find all the details there.

Check out this episode!

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