Ep 61: Greatest Hits Pt 2: “Down”

Calm Down. LOL. If you want me to ramp up, tell me to calm down. However, how do I calm down? What does that really mean? For me calming down is synonymous with turning off my stress response and resetting my nervous system from “React and Protect” to “Create and Connect.”

In this BLOG POST from the spring, I shared 5 ways to beat stress and calm those nerves. In THIS episode, I share 3 of my instrumental music tracks that are designed specifically to help your nervous system calm down, down-regulate, and/or reset… whichever language speaks to you, it’s all the same to me. Humans need tools to calm down. Breath is one tool, and music is another.

However, there are some research-based best practices when it comes to what music to reach for. The music needs to be a slow tempo, and there needs to be a perceptible beat if your want your nervous system to really, in fact, calm down. The Autonomic nervous system responds automatically to the tempo, or speed, of the music you listen to. So pick music slower than your heart beat when you’re wound up, and your body will slow itself down to sync up with that external beat.

Enjoy these three tracks from ‘the vault;’ putting them together like this gives you 3X the listening experience of a typical episode. My goal by the end of the year is to create 2 albums of an hour each… one upbeat and one downbeat. Stay tuned for that and more!




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