Ep 62: Music That Listens w/ Aaron Labbé;

Music That Listens.

Wait… what?

I know. How does THAT work? Well in this interview with composer and technologist Aaron Labbé, co-founder of LUCID Technologies, Aaron describes his company’s amazing technology that actually listens to “where you’re at” emotionally, and curates custom musical experiences based on where you want to go emotionally.

Interactive technology using our phones is something I wrote about in THIS BLOG POST. I’ve also reviewed the music lesson platform Yousician that listens to your playing and scores how well you’re learning the material, and that blew my mind when I first encountered it. Aaron’s app, called Vibe, blew me away in a similar way.

What makes this technology more powerful than just a playlist, is that you give the app realtime feedback on how you are feeling, and the music changes (or doesn’t) based on how you are feeling in the moment, so as you start to feel ‘better’ the music moves in the direction of your mood to further support the change in emotion. It’s what a music therapist does in real time, but through an app. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it.

See it to Believe it

I’m also excited to announce that this is the first episode we are posting on my youtube channel as well, because Aaron’s technology needs to be seen as well as heard, it’s that cool. My apologies along the way if while you’re simply listening to the audio version of this interview you feel a little left out of the conversation.  So, head over to my YouTube Channel to see what all the fuss is about in the video.

And I’ll tell you what, I’ll hook you up for doing so. If you head over to the channel, like and subscribe, and tell me the name of the band poster behind Aaron in the interview, I’ll send you a copy of my ebook, Sonic Recovery: Harness the Power of Music to Stay Sober for free. I’ll also pick three of you and send you a signed paperback version of the book as well! You can just email your answer to the easter egg to office@timringgold.com.

To learn more about Aaron, Vibe, and Lucid, check them out at www.thelucidproject.ca




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