Ep 68: NEW TRACK: “Going Home”

Today, August 9, is day one of my Reduce Your Stress Summit for healthcare professionals! Over the next 5 Days, 23 experts will be sharing TED style talks on actionable ways to heal trauma, end burnout, and balance work and life. You don’t have to just keep burning the candle at both ends. We all did it to get through school, but in many work environments the expectation is keep doing it. But you may have noticed it’s not sustainable. We wear out, get sick, burn out, develop our own diseases and conditions. Then we become the patient our colleagues now have to treat. Don’t let the rat race consume you, too. The numbers are NOT GOOD with respect to burnout, depression, and even suicide in the medical profession.

If you or someone you care about works in healthcare, PLEASE tune in or share this FREE RESOURCE. It’s to help you or them become stress resilient so you or they can reignite that flame that had them enter the field in the first place. You or they can STILL register at www.reduceyourstresssummit.com.

Going Home

Okay, onto the music. The reason you didn’t hear music in the background during the intro is because on THIS episode, THAT music is moving to the foreground! This past weekend, I spent time with a dear friend in his studio where I shared this podcast through his amazing speakers. He simply purred when he heard the background track I use for the intro and outro. It dawned on me that while “Going Home”  appears underneath the announcements, I’ve never released it publicly before.

A Gift

I wrote Going Home for an old friend named Ray. Ray had suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident many years ago. As I think back, it was probably 2004 or 5. Ray’s doctor’s didn’t give him a chance of surviving the accident. However they didn’t know what a fighter Ray was and is. I sent him and his parents a card saying the day would come when Ray came home from the hospital. On that day, we’d all share a toast. Well, it took quite a while, but that day came. Though I was in CA and they were in CT, we toasted over the phone, and they played “Going Home.” The vibe of going home represents the peace and good vibes of Ray’s parent’s home in CT combined with the happiness of family being reunited.

So while you listen to the full track today, I invite you to think of the love and connection that turns a house into a home. Picture that setting in your life, whether it’s reminiscing over your home of origin, or it’s the one you have now.

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