Ep 69: Making Your Nervous System Your Ally w/ Mike Govoni

Making your nervous system your ally makes it sound like your nervous system can be your enemy? Sometimes. Learning about Polyvagal Theory was a game changer for me in helping me understand my nervous system works. Today’s interview is with my dear friend Mike Govoni who is an expert on trauma and healing. Right now, we are being sent so many mixed messages of threat and stress from our environment. Mike’s message is super timely because stress triggers cravings, and if you’re interested in overcoming any habit, you need to understand the role stress plays on your nervous system, and the role your nervous system plays in recovering. 

I covered 4 books you can read related to healing trauma in this BLOG POST, and Mike gives a great synopsis of one of those very books in his short presentation. Making your nervous system your ally is VITAL in managing your past, present, AND future!

Learn more about Mike at www.mikegovoni.com

Go to www.sonicrecovery.com for the relaxation vacation

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