Ep 71: Rehabilitative Rhythms w/ Brian Harris

This week’s episode is an interview with a fellow music therapist-turned-entrepreneur named Brian Harris. He is the CEO and Co-founder of an innovative company called MedRhythms.  They create digital therapeutic devices to help people walk again after a stroke, brain injury, or neurologic disease. Brian is one of only 350 people in the world to hold the title of neurologic music therapy fellow, and has been serving patients in neuro rehab at Spalding Neurologic Institute since 2015. 

Now, Brian’s work may not be specifically related to stress reduction; he just helps people walk again LOL. However, our conversation underscores the power of music on the brain and body. It also highlights how digital devices can deliver music to us in ever increasingly curated and targeted ways.

Learn about Brian at www.medrhythms.com

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