Ep 72: NEW TRACK: “A New Beginning”

Hey, last week, I lapped the sun one more time. I turned 49 on Tuesday August 31, and Tuesdays are studio days, so I decided to write myself a birthday song! I decided that this time around I was going to write whatever felt good to me. I gave up any concern as to whether it sounds like anything I’ve written before, or as to whether it sounds like anyone else. The working title was “another lap” but as I reflected on that title, it didn’t match the exuberance of the track. It also didn’t match my own way of thinking when I’m in my best state. Truthfully, I struggle with depression, but the clouds parted and I enjoyed my birthday from start to finish. I am an eternal optimist out of necessity, because it’s too easy for me to spiral into dark places. So, I take as good care of myself as I can so I can access moments of peace, wonder, fun, and connection. “Another Lap” sounds tiring to me, which is how life can feel sometimes. However, a new beginning sounds like it holds the promise of possibility. THAT’s the kind of mindset I WANT to have, so I’m CHOOSING to look at this year as just that. A new beginning. That’s the beauty of this game. No matter my past, I can still create a new future that includes all the good… and even more!

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