Ep 74: NEW TRACK: “Dreams”

Do you still have dreams? Not at night… in life. As always, I like to look at how life and art are metaphors for each other. Today, what I see is that my life has a creative process to it as well. If we look at a finished podcast episode as the result or output on a micro level, my life as it looks today is also a result on a more macro level. My creative process when it comes to my life is really a function of my values, or what I think is most important. I might not have conceived myself to begin this journey, but at this stage, I believe each one of us is the one “behind the wheel” steering our process towards our results.

So, where do YOU want to go? What do you dream of being, doing, or having? What’s the creative process that will take you there? After reading enough stories of ordinary people overcoming extraordinary obstacles to make their dreams come true, I’m convinced that if we just trust the process, and don’t make the mistake of trying to predict the timeline… that’s a rookie move… we can all make at least some of our dreams come true. Oh, and just because you think you missed out on one particular dream in your past DOESN’T sentence you to missing out on the dreams of your future. You just need the courage to dream again… and believe me… I KNOW how much courage that takes.  

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