Ep 75: Brain Health w/ Alex Doman

Brain health is body health AND mental health. After all, everything we do in life requires our brains. In this episode, I interview an extraordinary man named Alex Doman. Alex is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, psychoacoustic music producer, and TEDx speaker with more than twenty-five years’ experience in neurotechnology. Alex founded Vital Neuro, Advanced Brain Technologies, and Sleep Genius. His bestselling book Healing at the Speed of Sound® is published in five languages. Alex has contributed articles to scientific journals, magazines, and books. He’s the host of the Advanced Brain Podcast and a global keynote speaker. Doman’s production credits are extensive, guiding teams who’ve created cutting-edge solutions that have helped millions of people worldwide.

He is currently launching Vital Neuro, a mobile cloud-based neuroscience platform for brain wellness to help the masses manage their stress and optimize performance. We talk about his family’s amazing journey in studying music for brain health and how he is furthering his family’s work through using music to help people deal with the global pandemic called STRESS (Yes, before COVID, we were already overloaded by chronic stress). It’s super exciting to hear what the future holds for how we’ll all be able to reduce our stress like never before thanks to the ancient gift of music and modern gift of digital technology.

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