Ep 78 – NEW TRACK: “Tenderness”

I told you in episode 76 about my ketamine treatment for depression that I’m currently undergoing. I’m midway through the treatment at the moment. One thing that seems to happen is that a theme or a message comes out of each session. This past session, the theme was affection. For those that don’t know, my wife and I married in 2003. We’re now in that time frame of life with school age kids where it seems like we just run from day to day to keep up with them, the house and our two businesses. As a consequence, I’ve come down with a case of affection atrophy. That’s when you’re so busy ‘doing all the things’ you forget to keep some of that original spark or flame alive in your marriage. I was scheduled to go into the studio to record immediately after the ketamine session, so the topic of affection was top of mind. For me, the term tenderness is related to affection. I sat down with my classical guitar and thought, “what would tenderness or affection SOUND like as a lullaby?” Here’s what came out of my fingers.

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