Ep 83 – Amplifying Humanity w/ Frank Fitzpatrick

Amplifying humanity is what our guest is all about. In this episode, I had the joy of interviewing a true ambassador of the power of music: Frank Fitzpatrick. Frank is a best selling-author, Grammy-nominated multi-platinum music producer, international keynote speaker, social entrepreneur, and wellness expert redefining human potential through the convergence of health & wellness, music, creativity and technology. He is a leading voice in the emerging Hearables market, contributing writer for Forbes, and faculty at Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine. He has created successful programs reaching over 200 million people and generating over $1B in revenues. Frank’s mission is to amplify human potential at scale through the power of music, health, creativity and technology. More about his best-selling book, Amplified, can be found at www.AmplifiedBook.com. We talk about his journey and how music forged a purpose in him in childhood that still drives him to this day.

For Frank’s Non-profit: www.earthtones.org

For the Relaxation Vacation: www.sonicrecovery.com

For our Sponsor: www.drneecie.com

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