Ep. 85 – Greatest Hits Pt 3: Down

You know what time it is? It’s time for more greatest hits i.e. another music block of three of my favorite down tempo songs from the past 6 months (Who decides what the greatest hits are anyway? In this case… it’s me). We’re starting with Tenderness from episode 78, moving into “Partners” from episode 65 and finishing up with Mountainside from episode 66. There’s definitely an homage to my amazing wife Angelique in these three tracks, because I wrote Partners and Tenderness for her, and learned Mountainside while we were holed up in a cabin for a romantic long weekend in Big Bear over the summer. So, sit back, relax, and  as you’re listening, maybe think about a special someone that you hold close to your heart, and I’ll see YOU on the other side.

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