Ep 86 – Greatest Hits pt 4: Up

Hey before we get into the music, I want to tell you about a new platform. It’s an app called Wisdom, and it’s not unlike Clubhouse in its design. I’m going to be doing a live session of my relaxation vacation this Thursday at 4:30 PST. So, if you want a nice relaxing way to end your day, come find me. It’s only on iPhone currently, so sorry to my android listeners. 

Alright, let’s kick off this week with three of my favorite uptempo songs from the past 6 months. They are all from around the same period and interestingly they all relate to my other passion which as you know is playing pickleball! First up, we have New Heights from episode 51, then Another Level from episode 49, followed by After the Storm from episode 57.

For the Relaxation Vacation: www.sonicrecovery.com

For our Sponsor: www.drneecie.com

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