Reality Check

It’s been a tough week. I’ve got a GREAT podcast review of an amazing podcast to share, but it feels TONE DEAF in light of everything happening around us, so it can wait. When I first heard the news about George Floyd, there was a “pain echo” inside of me… my immediate thought was “Oh […]

Success Stress

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘first world problems,’ right? How about the term ‘luxury problems?’ or ‘Mo money mo problems?’ All these phrases hint at something I call “Success Stress.” You work your butt off, and as you advance in your career, you maybe notice the stakes and expectations only get higher.  However, you’re doing […]

Myth Busting 101

Myth Busting 101 When teaching my course on using music for your mental health, I found that there were a number of myths out there around music AND around mental health.  I’m going to share a few of these along the way on the blog here, because myths are powerful because people don’t realize what’s […]