Ep 84 – Creating Harmony w/ Neil Cannon

Creating harmony is something important around us, and within us. On the first day of my Reduce Your Stress Summit in August, something amazing happened. Without planning this on my part or theirs, every single presenter touched on one specific concept to help YOU begin to reduce your stress FAST… BREATH. Here’s the final interview […]

Ep 83 – Amplifying Humanity w/ Frank Fitzpatrick

Amplifying humanity is what our guest is all about. In this episode, I had the joy of interviewing a true ambassador of the power of music: Frank Fitzpatrick. Frank is a best selling-author, Grammy-nominated multi-platinum music producer, international keynote speaker, social entrepreneur, and wellness expert redefining human potential through the convergence of health & wellness, […]

Ep 82 – NEW TRACK: “Everlasting Love”

Today’s track is an adaptation of a hymn that I wrote way back during my 20s. It’s original title was “His Love is Everlasting,” but I changed the title to “Everlasting Love.” It better matches my current relationship to my spirituality, which doesn’t include a male paternal figure. It’s more like an ever present, all […]

Ep 79: Sound Healing w/ David Sonnenschein

In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing David Sonnenschein about the intersection of sound, sound healing, music, games, and learning. David is a Sound designer, filmmaker, game developer, musician, sound healer, audio consultant, and author of international textbook, “Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema.” He’s currently […]