Completing Your Past

Three Phases Of Recovery Over the next three blog posts, I’m going to talk about three phases of recovery that I have found are critical in a person’s journey if they really want to leave a behavior behind. However, my concern is that because of our stigma-filled culture, you MIGHT find yourself saying, I don’t […]

Looking for More Ways to Lower Your Stress?: 5 Podcasts That Can Provide Relief

The other day someone asked me, “What is the difference between stress and anxiety?” It’s a good and fair question. So, before I dive into this list of podcasts, let me answer the question. Anxiety is a condition. It’s a clinical diagnosis of a disorder where someone has a persistent worried or anxious state over […]

Addiction & Compassion

It’s National Recovery Month Since it is National Recovery Month I wanted to take the opportunity to share a little about my thoughts on addiction.  Have Compassion If you’re struggling to break a habit, this goes for you. This goes for the person you know who may be hooked on something as well. Remember, addiction […]